HP-UX 11i, Version 2.0, On Tap For Late 2002

Native Linux support planned as rival Sun embraces Linux

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Like IBM and Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard is re-engineering its Unix operating system to better support Linux.

The planned delivery of HP-UX 11i, version 2.0 later this year will offer binary support for Linux applications developed on Intel's Itanium chip, HP executives said.

"If you develop software on Linux on Intel's Itanium, you can take the application without recompiling it and run it on HP-UX," said Mike Balma, Linux business strategist at HP. The OS upgrade will ship later this year, he added.

HP currently offers Linux API support in HP-UX 11i, but Linux applications need to be recompiled first before running them on the Unix operating system.

Sun surprised the open-source community by announcing plans late last week to ship its own Linux server distribution based on Cobalt technology for low-end x86 servers.

Sun is shipping built-in Linux compatibility with Solaris 8 today, enabling it to run Linux applications on any Solaris-based system, but the company will provide native support for Linux on SPARC systems for both the telecommunications and embedded markets. Sun's Solaris 8 ships today with built-in Linux compatibility.

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