Compaq Takes A Little <i>VARBusiness</i> Advice

In response to VARBusiness’ scorecard, vendor partners now just two clicks away

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Sometimes it pays to do a little extra-credit work to raise your grade with channel partners.

Our kudos go out to the folks at Compaq Computer for taking our advice and reengineering its Web site to make it a bit more channel-partner friendly.

Compaq was one of 12 vendors whose Web sites VARBusiness editors rated in the Dec. 10 issue, based on how easy (or difficult) they are for customers to locate VAR and partner contacts. (For the full article, click here.) Because it took our editors up to seven clicks to locate partner contact information, we gave the company a C , with a "Needs Improvement" commentary. Only days after the review, Compaq changed the site so visitors could get to the partner locator search engine in just two clicks. (For the record, Compaq says it never took more than five clicks to find partners.)

It's only fair that we upgrade Compaq to "Good Work."

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