Capellas: Cyberterrorists Likely To Hit U.S.

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Hewlett-Packard President Michael Capellas told eGov attendees in Washington Thursday that the technology needed to head terrorists off at the pass exists today.

"The potential for a major [cyberterrorist attack in the short term is extremely high," said Capellas in a keynote address. "We are going to get hit, and hit in a big way."

The key, he said, is whether federal and law-enforcement agencies can learn to share and manage the vast amount of information they gather.

Capellas said the industry norm of 'co-opetition' offers a framework by which government agencies can devise ways to share necessary information while still protecting their historical turf.

"Every day someone in my organization is [working on a deal with an IBM, even though we compete brutally with them," he said.

Government and industry must work together to advance the nation's aim of maximizing homeland security, Capellas said.

Prior to giving his speech, Capellas refused to answer a reporter's question about how HP will work with its channel partners. "I'm here to talk about IT security," he said.

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