Philips 150MT LCD Truly Shines

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Royal Philips Electronics has outdone itself with the 150MT, the next generation of multifunction LCDs that crosses the line between IT professional and home user.

Lightweight and portable, the monitor can be used as a high-performance LCD or stand-alone remote-control full-screen TV. The 150MT includes video support for HDTV, DVDs, VCRs and camcorders. Sleek and stylish, the monitor also includes picture-in-picture functionality.

Like most next-generation LCDs, the monitor comes with a one-touch auto configuration button. With a click of the button, the user can adjust the LCD for proper resolution.

CRN Test Center engineers tested the 150MT using the DisplayMate monitor testing suite. The software produces various patterns that test a monitor's image quality and other video features. Working within the Windows XP Professional environment, Test Center engineers did not discover any significant flaws.

>> PRICE: MSRP is $899

>> WARRANTY: 1 year
>> DICTRIBUTORS: CDW Computer Centers, Ingram Micro, International Computer Graphics, Insight, Tech Data
>> COMPANY: Royal Philips Electronics, Atlanta
(877) 835-1838

The 150MT produces a sharp, flicker-free image at its native resolution of 1,024 x 768 at 60Hz. Engineers were extremely pleased with the clarity of the text when displayed in various sizes and fonts. Particularly impressive were the color scales of white and black.

The monitor also includes Philips' state-of-the-art digital image-processing technology, which provides high-definition images and digitally enhanced TV images. Philips' 150MT accommodates RGB, CVBS, component video, S-video and TV antenna input.

"The picture-in-picture is the feature that sells the monitor. Reducing the cost and space of purchasing additional televisions is a thing of the past," said Alain Bezahler, president of BCPI, a Sharon, Mass., systems integrator.

Philips' TV-tuner module is more than adequate for use as a full-screen TV. The tuner searches for available UHF and VHF channels automatically. Whether the unit was running analog TV, RCA or S-video input, engineers were impressed with the overall crispness of video quality. The monitor is also equipped with a built-in speaker system that supplies a vibrant audio sound.

The product is part of the Philips Alliance Program, designed to offer VARs marketing support through product information, evaluation units, members-only promotions, lead-referral programs, training materials and technical support.

On the whole, the Philips 150MT is a breed apart in the fast-changing world of multifunction LCDs. Test Center engineers found this LCD to be one of the most impressive units reviewed to date.

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