Two Years Back: Our 9/11 Archive

CRN and VARBusiness covered that day, and it's effects on our industry and its people, extensively. Below, you'll find all our coverage of 9/11 and it's aftermath:

The Day

The first article we posted about the events of 9/11 was a wire-service report about the inital World Trade Center attacks. Solution providers at three industry shows going on that day reacted in shock to the news, and began scrambling to figure out how they would get home.

Wall Street Grinds To Halt After World Trade Center Crash

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Stunned Solution Providers Scramble To Get Home To Loved Ones

N+I Attendees Shocked, Angered Over Terrorist Attacks

CTIA Show Continues As Planned

ISPs Ask Customers To Clear Lines

Federal Reserve Promises Additional Funding For Banks

One Solution Provider's Day Of Terror

CRN and VARBusiness reporters were able to continue updating our web sites until about 7:00 pm the night of September 11. At that time, 7 World Trade Center collapsed, cutting the connection between our Jericho offices and our production web servers, located in Virgina. By the next morning, alternate routing had been arranged.

The Losses

As the day drew to a close, we came to learn the names of the victims. Many were from the technology community, including Oracle's Todd Beamer, one of the heroes of Flight 93.

Attacks Claim Lives of Industry Professionals

PricewaterhouseCoopers Loses Five On Board Hijacked Planes

The Human Toll

Deloitte and Touche Continues Search For Employees

That Week

With rescue operations still onging, and business at a standstill across the country, organizations began putting the pieces back together.

Impact From Disaster Mounting On IT Industry

D.C. Solution Providers Provide Aid To Feds, Grapple With Shock

Manhattan's VARBusiness 500 Companies Struggle After Attacks

Ground Zero: Plural's Story of the Attacks

Verizon Deals With Loss of Employees and Outages

Flight 11: Last-minute Breakfast Meeting Saves Storage Exec's Life

Emergency Information and How To Help

Plural, DeepBridge, Agency.Com Report Employees Safe; Business Open

D.C. Pulls Together

New York Unites


VARBusiness, CRN and ChannelWeb editors provided personal insights into some of the heroes and victims of the tragedy, and encouraged solution providers to embrace the tasks of recovery.

America Under Attack

Turning a Day of Infamy Into an Hour of Hope

What Really Counts

There Are No Words

A Hard Rain

Terrorists Lose When Business Continues

Fear, Acts of War And Technology's Shortcomings


Caravan Of Concern

Getting Through The Day In NYC

Don't Let Hateful Acts Breed More Hate

The Ties That Bind

Marching Orders: Hard Work, and Creativity, and Enterprise

Solution Providers Will Emerge Stronger After Attacks

We Salute the Integrity In All of Us

Up, Up and Away: A Well-Rested Road Warrior On Air Travel

Friend Makes A Sacrifice For Love Of This Country

VARBusiness Editorial Director Reflects on Sept. 11

Looking Back and Moving Forward

Tech Firms Pitch In

One of the things the solution provider community can be most proud of is how we rallied, helping relief agencies, customers and even competitors get back on their feet.

Tech Firm Pledges Donations For Relief Efforts

GE Donates $10 Million, Cisco $6 Million, To New York Recovery Effort

Verizon Wireless Provides Mobile Phone Aid

FBI Reaches Out To Earthlink, Other ISPs To Track Terrorists

Sun, Partners Mobilize to Help Businesses in New York

Help, Aid and Advice Pouring In

Distributors Mobilize

Solution Providers, Vendors Help In Disaster Recovery

ASCII Group Asks Resellers to Unite and Remember With Electronic Ribbon

Apple Expo Canceled, Seybold Will Go On

IT Companies Donate Technology, Services

Apple Donates $1 Million To Rescue Workers' Families

InfoSystems Pushes Forward To Help Clients

NYC Disaster Recovery: Solution Providers Not In It For the Money

Solution Provider Helps Merrill Lynch Team Find A Home

Plural CEO Counts Blessings; Helps Clients

WTC: Solution Providers, Vendors Offer Free Data Recovery Services

Washington Rallies

'What Can I Do To Help?'

Novell Helps New York Dept. Of Health Recover From Terrorist Damage

The Effects On Business

When the bell finally rang again on Wall Street, nearly a week after the attack, it reassured the world that American business would endure. Meanwhile, solution providers found a renewed emphasis on security, and data backup and recovery solutions among customers.

VARs React, Eyeing Long-Term Impact of Attack

Air Traffic Shutdown Could Mean Motherboard Shortages

Loss of Mindshare with Loss of Lives

Economic Analysis: Financial Uncertainty, Recession Fears Loom

Travel Restricted

Impact Overseas

Oracle's Outlook Gloomy Following Terrorist Attacks

Vendors Rush To Repurchase Shares

Despite Midday Boost, Stock Numbers Still Dip

Stocks Drop Amid Continuing Uncertainty

Late Day Stock Dip Fuels Uncertainty

Stocks Fall, But Greenspan Keeps the Faith

SP: E-Document Delivery More Popular In Wake of Attacks

Twelve Tips To Improve Your Company's Security

Have You Been Grounded? IT Companies Struggle with Travel Cutbacks

The Stock Market

Technology Solutions

Privacy Concerns

New Worm Exploits Tragedy

Use Of Digital Collaboration Tools On Rise In Wake Of Attack

Solution Providers Heed the Call of a Changing Federal Marketplace

Leading Employees In Times of Crisis, Fear

Sept. 11 Attack Deepens Ongoing Shakeout, Changes Application Software Industry

After Historic Downturn, The Industry Looks Ahead to a Rebound

Though Challenged, the IT Industry Will Survive

Giuliani: Technology Advances Will Keep Us Safe

Siebel: Products Like Ours Could Prevent Terrorist Attacks

Capellas: Cyberterrorists Likely To Hit U.S.

IT Security Experts Weigh Potential Threats To Nation's Infrastructure

Companies Still Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

While Interest in Disaster Recovery Has Soared, Commitment Wavers

Security Takes a Front Seat After Sept. 11

Sept. 11 A Year Later: Distributors Seek Return To Normalcy

Trade Shows and Industry Events

Even once the airlines began flying again, business travel was depressed for months. It caused serious strains for trade shows and partner events.

IT Industry Events Thrown In Doubt

Venue Change for World Trade Center Wireless Show

N+I Resumes Show Activities, Holds Prayer Service

iForce, iPlanet, XML World Events Canceled

Marooned Conference-goers Cope With Tragedy

Update: Industry Conferences Put On Hold

To Meet Or Not To Meet?

Ingram Micro Postpones VentureTech Event

Novell Bucks Trend, Goes Ahead with Planned Road Show

Apple Postpones QuickTime Event, Enters Distribution Pact

Anthrax Scares

During the (still unsolved) anthrax attacks against government and media facilities that followed 9/11, scares shut down Microsoft and Ingram Micro office. Fortunately these proved not to be deadly attacks.

Anthrax Found In Letter To Microsoft Division

Ingram Micro Evacuates Warehouse After Suspicious Package Found

Second Package With Unknown Powder Found At Ingram Micro Facility

Preliminary Results Show No Anthrax at Ingram, Says FBI

Tests Show Nevada Microsoft Letter Not Anthrax

Final Tests Negative For Ingram Micro Facility