System Management Arts Expands Range

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System Management Arts (SMARTS) on Monday expanded the range of third-party management platforms and protocols with which its automated service assurance software communicates.

At the Comnet Conference and Expo here, the White Plains, NY-based vendor introduced 18 new software adapters, which will ship as part of its InCharge Service Assurance Manager (SAM) 2002, a management platform that monitors the availability and performance of the infrastructure that supports Web-based services.

SAM monitors both infrastructure topology as well as the business impact to services and customers when elements such as networks, servers applications and databases fail, said Shaula Yemini, founder and president of SMARTS.

"We work down from the service to identify what objects the service is dependent on and what kinds of things can go wrong," said Yemini.

The adapters will enable SAM to gather and monitor information from third-party management software, such as BMC Software's Patrol, Hewlett-Packard's OpenView and Aprisma's Spectrum.

They also filter data and remove duplicate information at the event source, which decreases the strain on the network, she said.

"We don't bring information we're going to throw away all the way across the network," Yemini said.

Available in February, the adapters support protocols such as SNMP, SQL, Syslog, TL1 and TIBCO.

Using the adapters, solution providers can customize which events SAM monitors for enterprises and service providers, she said.

"With SAM as an umbrella, there are more customization opportunities there because each environment is somewhat different," Yemini said. "In the past our solutions were a lot more off-the-shelf, so there was less incentive for partners to work with us."

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