Handspring, ViAir Team Up For Wireless E-Mail

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ViAir has teamed up with Handspring to provide a one-stop messaging solution aimed at the carrier market.

The two companies on Monday announced a strategic relationship to jointly test, market and sell products that are guaranteed to be compatible. Under the agreement, Mountain View, Calif.-based Handspring will be touting its forthcoming combination phone/PDA device, Treo, while ViAir will focus on its Wireless Inbox, which enables secure e-mail and PIM functionality.

The agreement highlights a trend in the mobile industry to provide integrated wireless solutions. Palm, for example, announced Monday a handheld device with a built-in wireless radio and an e-mail server as an integrated solution for the enterprise.

"We believe that this is the kind of wireless solution that can lead to increased adoption of mobile data services," said Lee Epting, vice president of strategic alliances at Handspring, in a statement.

ViAir's Wireless Inbox supports GSM, MobiText, TDMA, CDMA and Iden networks. The product is currently deployed by a number of wireless carriers throughout North America, including Nextel and VoiceStream.

Handspring's Treo, expected to ship this quarter, features a GSM radio for wireless capabilities and the Palm OS for PDA functionality. Pricing for the device is expected to be $399.

In other Handspring news, the company announced today it has dropped the price of the Visor Pro to $249 from $299.

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