Tallan Focuses On ROI, Disaster-Recovery Services

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E-services company Tallan Monday launched two new services offerings officially called Return on Investment (ROI) and Disaster Recovery.

The launch makes official some of the services the company has been offering to clients for some time, said Ron Beck, director of design and development for Tallan, a majority owned operating company of CMGI.

The demand for these types of services, however, has increased following the events of Sept. 11, Beck said. While a disaster of that scale is unusual, he said, many companies are now worried about solutions such as tape backup in the event of vandalism or a power outage.

The Glastonbury-based company is investing significant resources to the two new services areas. For instance, 100 professionals out of a total of 250 Tallan employees are trained in aspects of both ROI and disaster-recovery services.

Beck said ROI consulting services are designed to help businesses identify beforehand whether an integration project will be cost-effective and help improve operational efficiency, productivity and profits. A typical Tallan ROI services engagement lasts about two weeks, Beck said.

Tallan's disaster-recovery service offering is a three-part process: risk analysis, business impact analysis and recovery strategy. For about $29,000, Tallan will conduct a risk analysis and business impact on 10 systems, Beck said.

"It's up to the client what those systems are, but there are certainly some caveats such as what defines a system," Beck said. "Obviously, for example, a large network system or mainframe wouldnt fall into that system definition under that special price."

When it comes to recommending a particular integrated solution, Tallan works with vendors such as Cisco, Sun Microsystems, and Compaq, Beck said. But the company considers itself vendor-agnostic, he said. So there are no formal partnerships, but rather recommendations based on what technology fits individual client needs and works best with existing tools in which the client has invested.

"In no way, shape or form are we tied to any one business so I think that sets us apart from competitors such as IBM and Accenture," Beck said. "We also bring in professionals skilled in business strategy and security and infrastructure strategy."

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