Microsoft Accelerates Reporting Services For SQL Server

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In a change of plans, Microsoft now aims to roll out reporting services for the current SQL Server database release.

Microsoft is slated to offer the services, which will bolster the database's analytics and business-intelligence capabilities, this year for SQL Server 2000, industry sources confirmed. The plan is expected be disclosed Monday morning at Tech Ed 2003 during a keynote by Paul Flessner, senior vice president of Microsoft's Server Platform Division.

The initial game plan had been to make the services, code-named Rosetta, available for Yukon, the code name for the next-generation SQL Server, which is slated to go to beta this month and ship next year (see story).

"We're accelerating the delivery of reporting services because it's ready to go. We have customers putting them into beta and some customers putting them into production," a Microsoft source said.

There will be no additional charge for the services as long as they are used on the database server. If the services run on an additional box, there will be a charge, as is the case with SQL Server analytical services.

As planned, the services will be rolled into Yukon when it ships (see story).

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