MacWorld Attendees Laud New iMac, Await Server

Partners say server's debut will aid corporate adoption

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It will take more than a refurbished iMac for Apple Computer to attain a larger chunk of the corporate market, say solution providers.

Observers predicted Apple would unveil a server here at MacWorld last week, but the big news was the new iMac, a flat-paneled G4 machine resembling a desk lamp,complete with swivel neck and a base for the computer system,unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

The new iMac is a flat-paneled G4 resembling a desk lamp-complete with swivel neck and a base.


"The iMacs generally don't make a big hit in corporate America except for . . . someone that wants to have a cool machine at the reception desk," said David Salav, president of Bohemia, N.Y.-based Apple VAR PWR Systems. "I think Apple will have bigger corporate mind share when it comes out with a server product."

But one of thousands of enthusiastic MacWorld attendees said the new iMac could help Apple take a larger bite out of the Windows-dominated business desktop market.

Apple has long helped resellers "provide solutions [for business customers," said Shelley Watson, founder of Issaquah, Wash.-based iMaven Consulting, an Apple consultancy that works with Portland, Ore.-based Apple solution provider Computer Stores Northwest to set up networks in schools and businesses.

PWR's Salav said he is more interested in the server, which he expects Apple to unveil by summer. Several former server manufacturer engineers are currently working in Apple product development, he said.

Jobs last week also unveiled iPhoto, photo-editing software that makes it easier for users to transfer, edit and print photos from digital cameras. IPhoto is the latest in Apple software,including iMovie, iTunes and iDVD,to turn a PC into a "digital hub" for digital devices such as cameras and DVD players, said Jobs. Apple also launched a 600MHz iBook, priced at $1,799. The new laptop features a six-hour battery and a drive for burning and playing CDs and DVDs, said Jobs.

A $1,799 iMac model will be available by the end of the month, Jobs said. Versions priced at $1,499 and $1,299 will be available in February and March, respectively.

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