CRN Channel News

  • Wanted: A Few Good Salespeople
    Solution providers that work primarily in SMB accounts are not only talking a good game about future sales, they also are putting their money where their mouths are in order to get there.
  • IBM, Macromedia, Gateway slated to unveil new partner programs

    XChanging For The Better
    XChange '04 in Chicago this week will play host to a number of vendors launching new channel programs and incentives.
  • Changing Dynamics
    For as long as anyone can remember, the most vexing issue concerning IT has been the inability to tightly align technology with business goals.
  • HP Mounts Effort To Reduce Partner Costs
    Hewlett-Packard Senior Vice President of Worldwide SMB Operations Kevin Gilroy last week said HP is mounting a massive effort to make it simpler and less costly for HP partners to do business with the $80 billion behemoth.
  • Virtual Servers Fix Compatibility Woes
    Solution providers upgrading network operating systems often run into compatibility problems. Many verticals use a specialized piece of software or a database that only works on an older version of Windows or under another operating system altogether, such as NetWare or Linux.
  • Vonage Extends VoIP Reach
    Vonage is building up a channel program to help it target small-business customers, creating new opportunities for solution providers to offer VoIP telephony service.
  • Storage Services Market Heading To $30 Billion
    The worldwide storage-services market is estimated to reach $30 billion by 2007, up from $21 billion in 2002. Although more storage hardware units have shipped year-over-year, storage prices have plummeted.
  • Despite Growth, ePlus Flies Under The Radar
    For a solution provider that has experienced enormous growth in recent years and climbed the ranks of elite integrators on the VARBusiness 500, ePlus (No. 130) has done a remarkable job of flying under the radar. And that's just fine for ePlus chairman and CEO Phil Norton.
  • TechWatch: IBM, Opsware, Silex
    Whether you're managing your network or building it out with new hardware, this month's hot products will keep savvy resellers covered.
  • Rational Finds Place Within IBM
    Last year's pickup of Rational Software for $2.1 billion marked IBM's most significant acquisition since it consumed consulting giant PwC in its 2002 megadeal. By the looks of things, the integration has gone well, particularly on the product side and with respect to aligning field sales forces. However, there are several very key areas that still need ironing out.
  • The New Face Of Channel Management
    Vendors often make changes to the ranks of their channel-management teams. But rarely does turnover amount to the almost frenzied game of musical chairs that's going on today-- and never has it involved so many tier-one companies all it once.
  • <i>CRN</i> Data Point To HP Debacle
    Solution providers say Dell is catching up to Hewlett-Packard as the provider of their best-selling server lines, marking a steady gain in the channel by the once direct-only vendor.
  • AMD's New Architecture: It's More Than Just 64-Bit Extensions
    To outsiders, the hallmark of the AMD64 hybrid 32/64-bit architecture is its 64-bit instruction set extensions. But to company executives, that's only a small part of the story of the Opteron server processor and its cousin, the Athlon 64 desktop chip.
  • AMD's 64-Bit Gambit
    If you're AMD chairman Hector Ruiz, you've got only one response to Intel's competitive parry: Bring it on.
  • Best Buy Reassesses IT Needs
    Best Buy made headlines more than a month ago with its decision to outsource its IT operations to Accenture--a deal that could have deep repercussions throughout the retail sector as top retailers reassess what's core and what's not for them.
  • Itanium Still the 64-Bit Jewel In Intel's Crown
    When its vaunted Itanium architecture--jointly developed with Hewlett-Packard--debuted in 2001, Intel expected to displace x86 and herald the industry's shift to 64-bit computing. It didn't turn out that way.
  • Unraveling Tape's Future
    Information life-cycle management may be the latest buzzword in storage today, but a key ingredient of ILM is perhaps the oldest and arguably most mundane forms of storage--tape. All of the well-known providers of tape technology, from manufacturers of media, cartridges and drives to suppliers of automated libraries, are bringing to market significant new products that raise the bar in terms of capacity, data-transfer rates, scalability, price/performance and automation.
  • Integrating MFPs With Enterprise Applications
    As multifunction printers (MFPs) replace standalone printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines, resellers and systems integrators will find themselves facing greater demands to integrate and customize MFPs' capabilities in customers' document-workflow and management systems.