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  • When the VARBusiness 500 Talks...We Listen
    Some of the biggest solution providers in the business are enjoying resurgent sales and increased customer engagements, although profitability remains a persistent challenge, said participants at the VARBusiness 500 Executive Roundtable, an annual gathering in New York of top managers representing companies that charted the VARBusiness 500.
  • The 2004 VARBusiness 500 Awards honor channel standouts

    Meet the Jewels In The VARBusiness 500 Crown
    Fighting back from years of consolidation and tethered ambition, a top flight of solution providers were celebrated for their ingenuity and success at the 2004 VARBusiness 500 Awards at Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room in New York last month.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Ed Coleman
    Few technology executives can claim the kind of experience and pedigree Coleman possesses. He has amassed 30 years in the IT industry, and much of that was spent in the channel.
  • Executive of the Year Award Winner: Rick Kearney
    Executive Rick Kearney, CEO of Mainline Information Systems of Tallahassee, Fla., had a particularly good year. For starters, his company, No. 90 on this year's VARBusiness 500 list, grew by 25 percent to $411.4 million. It was the third year in a row that Kearny drove top-line revenue growth of $100 million or more, lifting Mainline from its 109 position last year.
  • What you should look for, and what vendors want in return

    How To Team With A Vendor
    Like all smart VARs, you know you'll never deliver a championship fiscal year if you don't think like a team player--and that means communicating with your vendor partners so they know what you need from them, and you know what they expect from you.
  • 10 Questions To Ask Your BPM Vendor
    Doculabs examines a new breed of workflow and business process management solutions to enable VARs to help customers improve processes and maximize their intellectual capital like never before. Which ones are right for your customers?
  • SCO Lawsuit Against DaimlerChrysler Is Thrown Out
    A Michigan court Wednesday dismissed most of SCO Group's lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler Corp., which had accused the German automobile maker of breaking terms of its Unix System V licensing contract.
  • Insight, PC Connection Shares Fall
    Shares of PC Connection and Insight Enterprises fell 3 percent Thursday after both solution providers reported second-quarter earnings.
  • ISVs knew where to turn during the downturn--to themselves

    A Lesson In Self Reliance
    Developing and marketing their own brand of software has paved the road to success for a significant slice of companies on this year's VARBusiness 500 list.
  • Tech Lobbyists Applaud Stock Option Vote
    Technology lobbyists Wednesday were cheering a House vote that would block a looming requirement to change the way corporate America accounts for the stock options that many in Silicon Valley credit with being an engine of the high-tech economy.
  • Weeklong event packs in training and testing programs for HP resellers

    Basic Training: Arrow Makes a Hit With Storage Boot Camps, PowerTrack Program
    Storage certifications are some of the most valuable"and difficult to earn"pedigrees in the IT industry. So it was a pleasant surprise for many solution providers when Arrow's Small and Medium Business division recently introduced its first annual PowerTrack event for Hewlett-Packard's storage offerings, which helped approximately 100 attendees achieve more than 80 sales and consulting certifications.
  • Symantec Reports Strong Growth
    Continuing its dominating run in the security sector, Symantec reported strong quarterly results on Wednesday and upgraded its projections for the coming months.
  • Sun sets on the once-bustling tech extravaganza in Vegas

    So Long, Comdex, Rest In Peace
    The show of shows, Comdex, closed last month, after one of the longest runs in the business.
  • IBM Software Focuses On SMB
    IBM Software's push into the SMB market is gaining momentum going into the second half of the year, with growing numbers of customers and new products.