CRN Channel News

  • IBM Carves New RFID Unit
    IBM creates a group to support devices such as those used in radio-frequency identification setups.
  • Preps DB2 Information Integrator for release later this week

    IBM To Corporations: 'Search Me'
    IBM set to unleash 'Masala' corporate search technology this week.
  • Says he aims to expand alliances with integrators

    Former HP Exec Milton Lands At UGS
    Jim Milton, a top HP executive who was fired two months ago in the wake of an earnings shortfall, lands a new position as executive vice president of global sales operations at product life-cyle management software vendor UGS.
  • HP Sharpens Blade Edge
    As Hewlett-Packard's BladeSystem Game Plan comes of age, Rick Becker, vice president and general manager of HP's new BladeSystem Division, and Paul Miller, vice president of BladeSystem marketing, recently sat down with CRN Industry Editor Craig Zarley to talk about their plans to use the channel to forward the Palo Alto, Calif.-based vendor's strategy.
  • ShadowRAM: September 27, 2004
    That this business needs is more bling. That's why yours truly is all over this Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' diamond-encrusted iPod. No matter that the HP-licensed gee-gaw goes for something like $16K. (Truthfully, I can't remember, but when it comes to style, 16 large ain't so bad, er, is it?)
  • Ericsson Calls Off Bluetooth Development
    Bluetooth inventor Ericsson is abandoning its development efforts around the wireless standard. Ericsson recently said it will discontinue design and development of new Bluetooth products for the semiconductor industry. The company will, however, continue to offer Bluetooth"a standard for short-range radio technology enabling point- to-point communication between devices"through its Ericsson Mobile Platforms subsidiary, according to a statement on Ericsson's Web site.
  • Adapting To Channel Economics
    Two recent major announcements once again demonstrate how shifting channel economics is changing the way technology companies will do business in the future.
  • Who Needs Notes/Domino Anymore?
    Try as they might, the folks at Lotus just can't convince me that the company's shiny-new Workplace collaboration offerings don't sound the death knell for the Notes/Domino franchise, says VARBusiness senior writer Carolyn A. April.
  • PeopleSoft Discounts New Licenses
    PeopleSoft opened the second day of its user conference here Wednesday with good news for itself and its customers: upgrade discounts and a significant licensing deal.