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  • Distributor hosts contest for best vertical market solutions

    ScanSource: Get Innovative, Get Cash
    If you have an innovative solution, ScanSource may have $1,000 for you. The distributor is hosting a contest for solution providers that have deployed creative solutions in 10 vertical markets.
  • Burst Attorney Deposes Gates
    An attorney for a software company suing Microsoft for alleged anticompetitive behavior deposed Bill Gates last week and plans to ask a judge to make the testimony public.
  • Avnet Says New Configurator Improves Logistics
    Avnet Solution Partners rolled out a multivendor configurator and tracking system that it says will improve order tracking and logistics for soltuion providers and strikes a deal to offer IBM/Informatica data integration bundle.
  • Server Sales Soar
    The server market is soaring, judging by two market research reports assessing sales for the second quarter of this year. That's great news, given some recent speculation about another possible sag in the economy.
  • 2004 Certification Study: The New Deal
    Solution providers lay their cards on the table for our Certification Study. This special report reveals that the certification game has changed, and vendor-neutral programs may well emerge as the wild cards that beat out the vendor-specific model. Read more on this topic and check out our scorecard to see where all certifications rate.
  • Microsoft Certified Applications Developer
    With its Microsoft Certified Applications Developer certification, Microsoft hopes to build and nurture a large community of .Net-centric developers and to acclimate developers to the world of Web services.
  • Behind The Charts
    While vendor-Specific certifications dominate the list of the 15 most important certifications in this year’s study, vendor-neutral certifications head up the list of the 14 fastest-rising certifications, indicating change may be on the way.
  • Partner Perspective
    Vendor-specific certifications are fast losing credence to certifications that cover multivendor IT industry skills, solution providers say.
  • The New Deal
    Solution providers are asking for a new deal in certifications, and vendor-neutral programs could well be the wild cards that trump the current vendor-centric certification model.
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
    More than 50 percent of solution providers in the Certification Study reported that return on investment for the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator was improving over time, giving it an impressive first place on this scorecard ranking and a No. 3 standing overall.