Cloud Computing Moving Behind Hype To Real-World Use

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Dan Molina, CTO of Nth Generation, said that for customers and solution providers alike, the skills needed to move towards cloud computing will depend in part on the use case which organizations will outsource to the cloud.

"The IT skills are probably going to have to be fine-tuned in relation to integration, to virtual infrastructures, because many different applications will have to be integrated to the cloud," Molina said.

There are many different use cases for the cloud, including software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service will be the way to go to the cloud for applications which can be virtualized, Molina said.

"For applications which cannot be virtualized, there will be a lot of integration work required," he said. "And some of the cloud providers may not have enough skills to be able to help customers with that (integration). And that's how I see the VAR community needing to change their own IT skills to help customers.

Nth is already working with customers to assess their infrastructure and identify applications which are candidates for virtualization and moving to the cloud, Molina said.

"We also find the applications which probably make more sense at this point to leave on-premise," he said. "If (customers) want to switch those, there's other hosting services available, not just infrastructure-as-a-service. It may be co-location, or dedicated hardware in the cloud."


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