Hurd Appointment Will Ignite Oracle Channel Fire: VARs

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Merging the stack, plus Hurd's penchant for high-profile acquisitions, is a boon, solutions providers said.

"He's a big M&A guy and can merge organizations," Pyle said.

Citing Hurd's big-bang acquisition track record at HP, Venero said he expects Hurd to hit the ground running and scoop up companies that fortify Oracle's place in the market.

"Remember, it's Mark. We could see some acquisitions fairly quickly. Based on his growth strategy, acquisitions have to be part of that strategy," Venero said. "Just look what he did with EDS, 3Com, and Palm. It's part of his iconic vision."

"When an individual like Mark Hurd goes to a new company and is going to make changes, we want to be on the forefront of those changes versus being on the tail end of it," Venero said. "We want to be there with Oracle at the start of the new Mark Hurd era versus at the tail end when it has already been established, built and baked."

And Hurd's prowess for internal development and innovation through a string of blockbuster acquisition will be a big win, partners said.

"Oracle already has a strong software business and a strong hardware R&D thanks to its acquisition of Sun. And Hurd's growth strategy includes both acquisitions and R&D," Denali's Convery added. "Hurd is excellent at understanding the gaps, and not just acquire companies but also blending it with R&D. Hurd is a leader. He's not just going to plan, but plan and execute."

Venero agreed.

"With acquisitions and a channel focused initiative, Hurd can scale Oracle to three times what it is today," said Venero. "Today we have no real focused plan around Oracle. Post-Hurd, we will have an absolute business plan on how to make the new Oracle under Mark's leadership a bigger part of Future Tech."

Steven Burke, Scott Campbell and Joseph F. Kovar contributed to this article.


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