CRN Channel News

  • U.S. Votes For Open Source
    VARs wondering just how ready the federal government is to embrace Linux and its open-source cousins don't have to wonder anymore.
  • Training Day
    In the spirit of providing constructive observation on the ongoing offshore outsourcing topic, I want to weigh in with some thoughts about pending legislation.
  • Ballmer Blasts Off At Partner Conference
    In a hockey arena last week in Canada, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reminded his best and most loyal business partners why it makes sense for them to put their biggest bets on his company.
  • CAPPS II Crash Lands
    Homeland Security cites privacy concerns in canceling airline prescreening project
  • Key trends, facts and interpretation you need to run your business

    Economy Sees Gross-Profit Margin Gains
    The U.S. economy continues to make positive gains as evidenced by a number of factors, including rising gross-profit margins at a number of VARBusiness 500 solution providers.
  • After Stumbling, Sayers Is Up And Running Again
    For Sayers, 2003 wasn't the best of times. The Chicago-based solution provider (VB195) struggled yet again with a brutal economic environment and lack of IT spending, which caused Sayers' sales to drop more than 40 percent.
  • The Government Transformation
    Government agencies are seeking something beyond leading-edge technologies--they're looking for support in re-engineering their business processes.
  • GTSI Appoints Ballam
    Craig Ballam was recently named CIO at Chantilly, Va.-based GTSI, the IT and security-systems firm.
  • Gartner: Market Growth Dismal
    Between 2002 and 2003, the worldwide systems-integration market grew a lackluster 3.5 percent, according to preliminary statistics from Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner, a top provider of research and analysis on the global information-technology industry.
  • Government Finally Gets It
    The Department of Defense's taking the lead on adopting vital technology standards that will fight terrorism and save lives in the battlefield.
  • CRN Interview: Ken Lamneck, Tech Data
    Four months into his role as Tech Data Americas president, Ken Lamneck this week addressed a gathering of the TechSelect membership in Chicago. Later, in an interview with CRN Editor Heather Clancy, Lamneck discusses the Clearwater, Fla.-based distributor's initiative to define more formal procedures around its sales management processes.