10 Growing Markets You Haven't Yet Considered

The CRN Test Center Lays Out Less-Hyped Areas That Can Bring Big Opportunity

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Social Networking/Data Mining

We’ve already mentioned the capacity of one enterprise solution -- Digium’s Switchvox -- to dive into social networking information and provide real value to an organization.

The ability to mine through tens of millions of public tweets, blurbs, status updates and more to isolate trends, spot public discussions of interest to an organization, and work to not just catch up but to get ahead of the curve in various markets can provide extensive ROI.

A best-in-breed solution, from our perspective, is PeopleBrowsr’s viral and social networking line card of solutions. One solution in particular, Research.ly, allows an enterprise to track mentions of a specific topic over 1,000 days to see spikes in conversation and discussion. For example, a search of social networking mentions of “NBC” for the past 1,000 days finds a massive spike in attention for the TV network during the period when Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien were caught in their hosting controversy.

Taking it to other places, it would be possible to track mentions of a brand of sneakers, for example, and spikes in conversation about that brand and determine the day of the week most people mention it in social networking interaction. That could let the sneaker maker find out that most mentions come on Sundays over a period of time and, then, it could target marketing efforts on that day of the week.

VARs that deliver data mining and analytics solutions now need to keep social networking in mind, as the explosion in data in this segment is met only by the explosion in opportunity.


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