VAR500: 20 Titans Of Transformation

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The Ergonomic Group

The ergonomic group is a solution provider in a state of transition as it gets ready for the new world of mobility and cloud services. The Westbury, N.Y., company is now going about hiring the right people and developing the skills needed to deploy private clouds for customers, said John Bacci, vice president of engineering.

However, getting ready for the cloud is not an overnight affair. The biggest issue is developing the right people, Bacci said.

"The people are out there," he said. "But they're very expensive. And overworked. So we're training our own, and working with staffing companies to find others. These people know their skill sets are in short supply now."

Ergonomic is also transitioning from a hardware focus to a combined hardware and software focus, Bacci said.

"A good solution provider has both a hardware and software focus," he said. "You need to understand the hardware. That will never go away. But you also need a software focus to transition to cloud services."

Ergonomic's customers are for the most part still in the cloud assessment phase, Bacci said. They are talking about security and the cloud, about whether private or public clouds are better, and even about whether the cloud is right for their operations, he said.

For instance, Bacci said, Ergonomic in late May was talking to one customer about deploying a private cloud and saw the customer's software offering as a first step in the cloud development process. However, the customer said it didn't see the need to provision a new environment, as its software development community was sufficient.

"They said there's no need to move faster," he said. "We need to help them expand on what they're doing, educate them, and help them understand what private clouds can and can't do to solve their problems."

By Joseph F. Kovar


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