VAR500: 20 Titans Of Transformation

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FishNet Security

Last year's explosion of mobility, virtualization and cloud technology led to a new year of expansion and growth for some solution providers. Among them was Gary Fish, founder and CEO of Kansas City, Mo.-based FishNet Security, who said that his company is hitting all three of these areas hard.

FishNet, which specializes in security products, managed services and PCI forensic audits, is now leaping into mobile security with both feet, Fish said.

"Mobility was No. 1 for us," he said. "Mobility for us has been an incredibly successful practice. We can't walk into a customer without talking about mobility. They're all facing the same issues."

The company already had pieces of a mobile security portfolio in place, Fish said, but this year he started to "bring the competencies together" and build out his team. What differentiates the mobility space, according to Fish, is that it is primarily customer-driven. Even within FishNet, Fish said that he and his employees had to overcome security and management challenges when they brought iPhones and iPads to use in the corporate environment. It wasn't a big stretch to assume that those same issues would be plaguing his customers, he said.

"We find on the mobility side, it's an easy conversation. Every CISO is facing the same challenges," said Fish.

FishNet is also building practices that aim to secure the cloud, expanding its portfolio of authentication and single sign-on cloud offerings, Fish said.

Meanwhile, the company is also charging full speed ahead into virtualization, building out consulting practices around VMware with auditing services that assess the security posture of virtual environments, while putting assessment tools together to determine risk in a business environment, he said.

"They're interesting spaces," Fish said. "We can't do everything possible. You've got to pick your battles, and take on the ones where you're going to be most successful."

By Stefanie Hoffman


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