VAR500: 20 Titans Of Transformation

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Axispoint has built a healthy services business that includes practices in cloud, virtualization, mobility, application development and unified communications.

But the solution provider decided a few years ago to carve out differentiation in the market not just through technological focus, but with a sales model that departs from conventional IT channel norms. While many VARs focus on hiring account managers and cold calling to land accounts, Axispoint uses a named account strategy that encompasses direct and indirect sales methods.

"As a technology solution firm, you can differentiate yourself not just in delivery, but also in your sales model," said Daniel DiSano, president and CEO of New York-based Axispoint. "The named account strategy is transforming our business. It allows us to do more targeted selling and put together a team effort around those named accounts."

Founded in 1994, Axispoint has built in-house technology expertise in application, infrastructure and systems integration and advises customers on what moves to make--or not make--in these areas. However, Axispoint's growth today has more to do with the investments it has made in internal and external business processes, according to DiSano.

Creating processes for cloud competency is no simple matter because cloud deployments touch applications and infrastructure. Axispoint has put together several representative cloud offerings to help clients decide if it's right for them.

DiSano sees Axispoint's role not as a promoter of bleeding-edge technology, but as a guide to help companies solve business issues with the careful, targeted application of technology. The trust it has built up over the years with clients is just as important as its technology investments, DiSano said.

"Customer satisfaction and care is so important to the business. You can continually land clients, but if you're not keeping them on the back end, you'll never grow," said DiSano.

By Kevin McLaughlin


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