VAR500: 20 Titans Of Transformation

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The 2011 VAR500 Class has its head in the clouds.

With cloud computing solutions being adopted by businesses of all sizes at a record-clip, VAR500 companies over the last year have made astronomical investments to transform themselves into cloud solution provider powers.

Sirius Computer Solutions, No. 34 on the VAR500 list, acquired MSI Systems Integrators, a $350 million, highly respected technology power based in Omaha, Neb., to get cloud strong. The deal between the two companies created a $1.3 billion solution provider behemoth with what may well be the broadest and deepest technical talent to take enterprise customers to the cloud.

Logicalis, No. 24 on the VAR500 list, made a $10 million investment to beef up its cloud computing services and funded more than 150 man-hours of sales training per week for the company's 100-person sales force.

2011 VAR500 Home

Ahead, No. 143 on the VAR500 list, made a monstrous investment in building its own private cloud in its lab, where it can show customers what a true private cloud deployment looks like, what it takes and how it works.

And Champion Solutions Group, No. 168 on the VAR500 list, is practicing what it preaches. The 32-year-old Boca Raton, Fla. headquartered company is using the same cloud technology to power its business that it is selling to customers. That has made Champion a customer cloud favorite.

Those are just four examples of the cloud computing transformation that reshaped the VAR500 solution provider landscape. Here are a look at 20 VAR500 titans of transformation:

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