Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace Adds N-able, Symantec, Trend Micro

The services were among several first announced and previewed at Ingram Micro's Cloud Summit in June and include N-able's N-central remote monitoring and management platform, Symantec Endpoint and Trend Micro's Worry-Free Business Security Services.

Each of the vendors brings best-practice solutions that can be cornerstones in the portfolios of MSPs, said said Renee Bergeron, vice president of managed services and cloud computing at Ingram Micro North America.

"They're also very differentiated solutions. Look at Symantec and Trend Micro and they meet the requirements of different types of resellers, cloud service brokers and cloud providers [respectively]," she said. "For resellers that don't want to get involved in delivering service but still want to be the face to customer and help integrate the solution, Symantec is a great solution for them. For other types of resellers who want to be the MSP that wants to deliver the service themselves, then Trend micro is a great solution to give them the tool to deliver themselves to their end customer. They complement each other well to service different types of resellers."

A number of the solutions Ingram announced in May are now available and several more are slated to be released through the end of the year, Bergeron said.

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Ingram Micro launched Ingram Micro Cloud last November , which now offers more than 40 solutions from 25 vendors through the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace, which attracts more than 3,500 solution providers each month, according to the Santa Ana, Calif.-based distributor.

Ingram Micro also is now piloting its Cloud Marketplace, where VARs ultimately will be able to procure, provision and obtain invoices for cloud services purchased through the distributor, according to Bergeron.

Ingram Micro is targeting the fourth quarter for general release of Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. "We want to ensure we get the user experience right [with the pilot users]," Bergeron said. "It's going to be night and day in terms of giving the functionality in the hands of resellers to procure, manage and invoice through," she said. "At any point a [VAR] salesperson can go in and add users or add some virtual machines if the demand is needed. No longer are they dependent on talking to an [Ingram] sales person and having an order being placed. It's a fundamental different look at the cloud business they doing on behalf of an end user."