Cover Story: Rise Of The Cloud Provider

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Now Is The Time

So what does the future hold for the cloud and for Transformative solution providers? Like many traditional technologies, there is room for different takes and different niches. But the time to act is now.

"Where this is headed is businesses like ours are going to have to get more nimble in terms of app-to-app integration between cloud services�to knit a with a NetSuite. As more cloud starts to occupy the neighborhood, we're gearing our business for that,' said TrueCloud's Rice.

Transformative solution providers are also likely to develop much tighter relationships with vertical-market ISVs, he said.

"As those ISVs spin up cloud offerings, they're going to need help to get those fairly vertical services to market and get to end customers. I think the right place for a VAR to be is to get very vertically focused. The skill set isn't [about] building capabilities; it's [about] fostering capabilities to an end customer for an ISV, not unlike a telco. They provide service, but there's still the last mile to the customer. That may be a significant frontier as cloud starts to grow up,' Rice said.

For Datacorp's Perez, the future means carving out more cloud space at a company such as Terremark, a Verizon company, and selling cloud solutions to customers that simply want IT in a secure and less expensive fashion.

"They don't care about cloud computing. Our idea is to morph our business into cloud and if Datacorp gets rebranded [into HealthCore] so be it,' he said.

Meanwhile, Independence IT's Bostock sees more video in the cloud going forward. "We're already starting to do R&D with large video files. There's still so much local horsepower needed right now, but we can do it with some accelerators,' he said.


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