ACS Acquisition Illustrates Value Of Training Methodology

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Breakaway's system measures the users' ability to complete tasks in the application, through the simulators, to determine the proficiency of every user in the organization, according to ACS.

According to its own data base, 45 percent of users had a good or excellent level of knowledge of the EMR application using the traditional training approach, while 82 percent had a good or excellent level of knowledge when the system went live using Breakaway's methodology, according to ACS. In addition, 95 percent of users had a good or excellent knowledge of the system three months after going live.

Prior to acquiring The Breakaway Group, ACS relied on its consultants training users in the traditional model, with hospitals often flying end users to sessions and creating backlogs of work for their employees upon return.

"Our consulting arm putting systems in could recognize a material difference in how end users would respond to implementations we were doing. It intrigues us as a different model," Harris said. "It created big backlogs of work and it was very pricey to schedule who would go to training at what point and what systems were they going to be ready to be trained on. It created a real struggle from the implementation side."

Meanwhile, Increasingly, ACS would run across hospitals utilizing The Breakaway Group and found a synergy between the two companies, he said.

"This is an absolute way to change that and change the outcome of putting one of these systems in. In the end we can tie a whole bunch of data together that we know will drive incredible results," Harris said.


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