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  • The advent of services-oriented architectures is paving the way for solution providers to be at the vanguard of fulfilling the long-awaited promise of melding business processes with IT.

    Let's be honest. The technology industry is packed with verbal secret handshakes that work to set apart the technical cognoscenti from the rest of the drubs. People in the know have long bandied about arcane terms like "arachnotaxis," "teledactyl" or, now, "Web services," while the business community struggles to understand how any of this jargon matters.
  • ServGate MSP Tool Eases Management
    Sure, remote management may be great for your customers. But it can put a strain on a solution provider's resources. That's one reason ServGate Technologies has launched a new tool that helps solution providers configure, log and monitor security and other network services.
  • Intel Delays May Help AMD
    Solution providers say Intel's plan to delay the launch of its 4GHz Pentium 4 processor could impact their margins and force them to shift customers to the Advanced Micro Devices platform.
  • Distributor Workshops Peddle HP Services Sales
    For the first time, Hewlett-Packard is offering the services of its HP Consulting and Integration Express Services through distribution. HP has authorized its three enterprise distributors, Avnet Partner Solutions, KeyLink Systems and SBM, to offer more than 80 SKU'd HP services, which range from Oracle configuration and planning to firewall-functionality assessments.
  • New IPAQ Hits The Mark
    Once touted only for executives on the go, the demographic of PDAs has expanded. Students, executives, and sales personnel are all using Pocket PCs today. The diversity within the market bodes well for solution providers looking to sell the devices individually or as large company rollouts.
  • Atkins To IBM Business Partners: Don't Worry
    New IBM General Manager of Global Business Partners Donn Atkins, in an e-mail sent to IBM Business Partners, seeks to calm solution provider concerns over the abrupt transition of power in the vendor's channel hierarchy.
  • Survey Shows Optimism Among IT Workers
    A study by staffing and outsourcing firm Hudson says optimism among IT professionals has jumped sharply since May and is at its highest point this year.
  • IBM Technologist Sees Expanded Role For Databases
    IBM's vice president of data management architecture outlines how integrators will use databases to manage XML and unstructured data in future generations of DB2, including the upcoming version codenamed Stinger.
  • A Bug Bites Intel's Lindenhurst
    Less than two weeks after Intel CEO Craig Barrett took his company to task for a series of recent chip production glitches, a new bug has emerged. This time it involves "Lindenhurst," the core-logic chipsets that work with Intel's new 64-bit Xeon processor (code-named Nancona).
  • Ingram Reassures VARs Its Systems Are Secure
    Ingram Micro Thursday reassured solution providers that its systems are secure after a grand jury indictment alleging the distributor's online ordering system was violated to the tune of $6.5 million in computer equipment.
  • N.Y. senator lauds solution provider's effort to keep help-desk jobs in U.S.

    Hillary Clinton On Hand As Future Tech Launches 'Insourcing' Labor Program
    Solution provider Future Tech Enterprises officially launched two major projects Wednesday: a first-of-its kind solution center between IBM and a channel player, and a separate, unique, "insourcing" business that will expand its help desk operations by hiring employees from government assistance programs.
  • Methodology: VARBusiness Application Development Survey
    VARBusiness' 2004 Application-Development survey explores the business and IT environments among IT solution providers who are currently, or plan to, be involved in application development and/or customization. The respondents to this Web-based survey are personally involved in application development in at least one of four ways: developing custom applications; influencing the decision as to which development languages, platforms and/or vendors to use; selecting partners for the development of custom applications; and/or working for an independent software developer.
  • It's All About Integration
    The turnaround in IT spending this year, modest as it may be, is having a profound effect on application development. Those projects have consistently ranked among the most significant portions of IT budgets in recent years"behind security"but now application-development projects are on the rise.