CRN Channel News

  • Tech Data vows to help members build visibility with potential customers

    New TechSelect Tools
    TechSelect members can expect a heightened focus in coming months on tools that help them better manage their sales and marketing activities.
  • Second-tier activity: Market dynamics

    Could Acer Make A Successful Run At Challenging The Top PC Makers?
    For a long time now, the PC business has been dominated by two companies, Dell and Hewlett-Packard, which consider the category strategic and are willing to duke it out for the top spot. In the background lurks IBM, which is willing to get in the ring but unwilling to get bloody.
  • HP's Enterprise Mess
    Six months into Hewlett-Packard's eHiP enterprise distribution plan, the program appears broken. Kevin Gilroy, HP's Americas channel chief--the man who vowed to fix the enterprise side of the house--is gone to head the vendor's worldwide SMB sales effort. Maybe the staff and the strategy he leaves behind can right the ship, but solution providers are angry and worried over the eHiP mess.
  • Voda One, Catalyst Telecom help Avaya solution providers target SMB market

    Avaya Partners' Lesson Plan
    Voda One and Catalyst Telecom are each running new training initiatives and expanding support to help Avaya solution providers better reach the small- and midsize-business market.
  • Intel Motherboards Meet Latest Chipsets
    Intel's latest motherboard overhaul is based on the new 925x and 915x series chipsets. The new chipset designs incorporate PCI-Express, DDR2RAM and Matrix RAID technology, in an attempt to gain competitive ground on AMD and its line of 64 FX CPUs.
  • Centrino refresh set for early '05

    Intel To Delay Sonoma Launch
    Intel has decided to delay the formal launch of its Sonoma mobile processor from the second half of 2004 to early 2005, according to company sources.
  • System Builders On The Rise
    Among custom-system builders, optimism is running high. A strong uptick in sales through the first half of this year has convinced more than a few system builders that good times are likely to keep rolling at least through 2005.
  • HP's former channel chief surprises partners by assuming SMB post

    Gilroy Switches Jobs
    Kevin Gilroy stunned solution providers last week when he relinquished his position as head of the vendor's Solution Partners Organization to head up HP's worldwide SMB sales effort.
  • IBM Posts Strong Q2 Results
    IBM posted strong second-quarter results this week, beating analysts' expectations for revenue and profit.
  • Juniper Rolls Out Routers
    Juniper Networks recently acknowledged the second anniversary of its T640 routing platform, the industry's first core routing platform deployed that delivers high-availability, reliability and intelligent services at multiterabit scale.
  • Microsoft's MSN Buys E-Mail Search Firm
    Microsoft MSN online division has bought e-mail search firm Lookout, as part of efforts to improve its own search technology and compete with Google and Yahoo.
  • Beats earnings estimates despite big software deal deferrals

    IBM Reaffirms Full Year Estimates
    Despite deferrals in some big software deals at the end of the quarter, IBM posted better than expected second quarter earnings and reaffirmed its full year earnings and sales estimates.
  • Sun Discloses 'Mini-Tender' Offer
    Sun Microsystems has received a copy of a mini-tender offer made to stockholders for up to 25 million shares, or less than 1 percent of outstanding common stock.
  • Federal-Sized Frustrations
    A staffing shortage reminiscent of the dot-com days has sent solution providers scrambling to find alternatives to passing up opportunities.