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  • Still Competitive And Fierce, Ballmer Blasts Off
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says he's more pumped and confident than ever. Though he has upped his company's dividend, don't think for a moment that he's gone warm and fuzzy. He's as competitive and as fierce as ever.
  • Can HP Right Its Storage and Server Ship?
    Hewlett-Packard partners last month were fuming but not surprised to learn about the bombshell HP dropped on Wall Street that its enterprise server and storage (ESS) business took a major shellacking for the quarter ended July 31.
  • EDS' Trouble Down Under
    It wasn't that long ago that EDS scored what was then the largest IT services contract in the financial sector—a $5 billion, 10-year deal with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).
  • Sun's 'Windows' of Opportunity
    A few months ago, Sun Microsystems' resellers perusing the computer maker's Web site came across something they probably thought they'd never see in their lifetimes: a Sun entry-level server running Microsoft's Windows, powered by none other than AMD's popular Opteron 64-bit computing microprocessor.
  • Pulse: Upgrades On The Horizon
    This year, Global IT departments are preparing to spend more money on software upgrades. According to the results of a joint Yankee Group/Sunbelt Software poll of 1,100 IT administrators worldwide, eight out of 10 businesses are expected to install a major software upgrade by the end of 2004
  • TechWatch: VoIP, Sempron, Tablet PCs
    What reseller doesn't want hot, new hardware for the back-to-school rush? From wide-view tablets to VoIP boxes, we've got you covered. Send your future product picks to
  • Intel, HP To Commercialize Next-Gen Net
    Hewlett-Packard has signed on to Intel's Planet-Lab.Org infrastructure and plans to create market offerings based on a new layer of infrastructure services to the IP network.
  • Microsoft Doubles Blocking Time For SP2
    Microsoft on Tuesday doubled the time that businesses can block Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) from downloading automatically, giving them until mid-April, 2005.
  • Execs tout new platform-level enhancements at Intel Developer Forum

    Intel Strives For The Enterprise
    Intel readies a multiyear plan to beef up Xeon and Itanium 2 lineups and outlines a road map calling for significant new platform-level enhancements and manageability technology.
  • ViewSonic Storms Into Wireless Market
    ViewSonic stormed into the wireless networking market Wednesday announcing a full family of wireless products including two new wireless gateways and a wireless media adapter.
  • Digital Home: VARs' Xmas Gift?
    Digital Home is Intel's broad push to place networked entertainment devices in every room in the house, so consumers can edit home DVDs, watch video clips and listen to audio files.
  • Otellini Outlines Opportunities In Chip Market At Intel Developer Forum
    If the processor sector always has been a bellwether for the entire tech industry, then the market is primed for a long expansion around a host of new semiconductor-related developments. That was the message Intel president and COO Paul Otellini outlined in his opening keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on Tuesday.