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  • Digital Home: VARs' Xmas Gift?
    Digital Home is Intel's broad push to place networked entertainment devices in every room in the house, so consumers can edit home DVDs, watch video clips and listen to audio files.
  • Otellini Outlines Opportunities In Chip Market At Intel Developer Forum
    If the processor sector always has been a bellwether for the entire tech industry, then the market is primed for a long expansion around a host of new semiconductor-related developments. That was the message Intel president and COO Paul Otellini outlined in his opening keynote speech at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on Tuesday.
  • More Than 20 Partners Deauthorized, Some Sued

    HP Clamps Down On Special-Bid Pricing Abuses
    Hewlett-Packard is deauthorizing partners and, in some cases, taking legal action to curb abuses of its "Big Deal" pricing program.
  • First Of Two Parts: 12 Steps To Success

    The Approach To Compensation Policy Will Make Or Break A Channel Program
    It's time for me to dust off and update a column I wrote nearly three years ago that proposed 12 steps for building a foundation for a successful channel. This time, I'm going to break my thoughts into two columns in an effort to try to do more justice to each issue.
  • ShadowRAM: September 6, 2004
    Microsoft's decision to strip what Microsofties called the super-important WinFS from Longhorn was surprising--if you ignore the past. Even insiders found the whole thing amusing. "Go to your history books. We're still trying to deliver some of what we promised in Cairo," quipped one. A unified file system had been promised for Cairo. Other bits and pieces like Active Directory eventually showed up in some flavor of Windows Server.
  • With a rocky history behind it, Capgemini looks for solid footing

    Can Capgemini Bounce Back?
    Global systems integrators (GSIs) are in the midst of a year of seismic industry shifts. Business is certainly better than it was a year or two ago, thanks to new economic momentum and a recovery in traditional consulting and integration work.
  • How Are You Growing?
    If you're anything like me, you like being busy. But you also like seeing a payoff for all that hard work.
  • Companies will offer solution providers the tools and training to push CRM to SMBs

    D&H, Microsoft Do The Math
    D&H Distributing and Microsoft say there should be more CRM in SMB. To educate solution providers about the opportunities for selling Microsoft CRM into the market, D&H and Microsoft are offering a series of tools, promotions and training events.
  • Pointers For Eliminating Channel Friction
    As channel academics, we've been watching the IT channel for some time, and one observation that stands out is the high friction that exists among channel members.
  • Designer aims to improve the shopping experience

    IT's In Fashion At Liz Claiborne
    With a DOS-based point-of-sale (POS) system, other in-store technologies dating back 12 years and a manual inventory process, Liz Claiborne turned to Microsoft and its Smarter Retailing Initiative (SRI) partners for a new tech look.