CRN Channel News

  • Salvos Aimed At IBM, Sun, Dell And EMC

    HP Execs Fire Back At Competitors At HP World
    Hewlett-Packard executives Monday fired back at competitors trying to wrestle customers away after the company's recent server and storage missteps, saying the problems are fixed and the company is set to take share from IBM, Sun, Dell and EMC.
  • Distributor also launches content delivery system

    Ingram's Choice Advantage Program Ready To Roll
    Ingram's 20,000 solution providers will soon be asked to choose one of three levels for pricing and support as part of its Choice Advantage program.
  • Latest chip to be delayed by company

    Intel Says LCOS Chip Slips
    Intel is pushing back the launch of yet another widely anticipated processor, telling customers it will hold off on bringing to market its LCOS chip for displays.
  • Oracle Preps SMB Offering
    Oracle senior vice president Thomas Kurian told financial analysts recently that it is rushing to recruit channel partners as it gets ready to take on Microsoft in the SMB space with a new version of its Application Server. The new spin of its 10g Application Server is angled at SMB customers.
  • VAR Prepares For a Business Makeover
    What if you had the chance to build the company of your dreams, the one that had to right answers to the marketing, sales, finance and human resources questions you wrestle with every day? This week in Chicago, VARBusiness, along with CMP Channel Group partners XChange and the Institute for Partner Education and Development, will introduce a new initiative that will connect one real-world solution provider with four business experts well-versed in the ways of IT consulting and solutions delivery.
  • The View From XChange
    At this week's XChange '04 in Chicago, VARBusiness Annual Report Card (ARC) winners will get the chance to bask in the limelight, having achieved high levels of partner satisfaction. That's what the competition is about, but all vendors that participate -- win, lose or draw -- take away a deep understanding of what drives partner satisfaction.
  • Auction Powerhouse Unveils First Formal Channel Program

    eBay Launches IT Asset Recovery Center
    EBay Sunday launched its first formal solution provider program at XChange 2004, an on-ramp initiative aimed at getting VARs to dispose of older IT products on a new eBay IT Asset Recovery Center site.
  • Following executive departures, Murai makes way for new team

    Ingram Power Play?
    With the recent wave of executive departures at Ingram Micro, Kevin Murai is tasked with hand-picking a team to help run the company.
  • Wanted: A Few Good Salespeople
    Solution providers that work primarily in SMB accounts are not only talking a good game about future sales, they also are putting their money where their mouths are in order to get there.
  • IBM, Macromedia, Gateway slated to unveil new partner programs

    XChanging For The Better
    XChange '04 in Chicago this week will play host to a number of vendors launching new channel programs and incentives.
  • Changing Dynamics
    For as long as anyone can remember, the most vexing issue concerning IT has been the inability to tightly align technology with business goals.
  • HP Mounts Effort To Reduce Partner Costs
    Hewlett-Packard Senior Vice President of Worldwide SMB Operations Kevin Gilroy last week said HP is mounting a massive effort to make it simpler and less costly for HP partners to do business with the $80 billion behemoth.
  • Virtual Servers Fix Compatibility Woes
    Solution providers upgrading network operating systems often run into compatibility problems. Many verticals use a specialized piece of software or a database that only works on an older version of Windows or under another operating system altogether, such as NetWare or Linux.
  • Vonage Extends VoIP Reach
    Vonage is building up a channel program to help it target small-business customers, creating new opportunities for solution providers to offer VoIP telephony service.