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  • The VARBusiness Interview: Sun President And COO Jonathan Schwartz
    This week in Carlsbad, Calif., VARBusiness caught up with Sun president and COO Jonathan Schwartz to discuss the company's views on the future of computing, which are radically different from those of its chief hardware rivals, IBM and HP, as well as its nemesis, Microsoft.
  • The seeds of frustration: Why Oracle, Dell and others continue to disappoint

    When Plans Fail, Vendors Come Up Short
    Of the half dozen or so companies that we identified as having the least satisfied partners, only one--Seagate--improved noticeably in the past year.
  • Avnet's Ignition conference provides setting for a rekindling of IBM partnership

    Avnet And IBM Tie the Knot For Mutual Growth
    Big Blue has been a hot spring of revenue for Avnet Technology Solutions' distribution arm, which was recently renamed Avnet Partner Solutions, during the past two years.
  • Lessons from a white-box veteran

    16 Systems-Reliability Secrets
    16 hard-earned tips about how to build systems that will keep your customers--and your accountant--happy.
  • Soaring To The Head Of The Class

    How Top ARC Scorers Pulled Off Their Wins
    Keeping Samsung company in the top echelons of this year's ARC survey are some familiar vendor names: Intel placed second overall, nipping at Samsung's heels with a total score of 83 to Samsung's 84; NEC/Mitsubishi scored third overall, followed by Xerox, which, in fourth place, broke into the top tier for the first time.
  • A sampling of the best and worst in the largest partner-satisfaction study of its kind

    Insights, Ironies And Intrigues of The ARC
    Join us as we go behind the numbers for an inside look at product innovation, support and partnership.
  • The Dance For Server Supremacy
    For the third year in a row, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Sun have competed in VARBusiness' Annual Report Card (ARC) survey, and yet the ranking in the entry-level servers category has continued to remain fluid.
  • Goliath Wins Big Over Scrappy David
    Maybe it's no surprise that semiconductor giant Intel took top honors for desktop and server processors in this year's Annual Report Card.
  • Two-Way Ties Dominate
    This year's race to be No. 1 in the mobile computers category in VARBusiness' Annual Report Card (ARC) resulted in a two-way tie, one between industry leaders Hewlett-Packard and IBM for first place, and the other between Toshiba and Dell for third place.
  • Loyalty Tips The Scales
    As the cost of broadband decreases and more companies move more of their applications online, the underlying support system has never been more important.
  • The mute button on the phone is this remote worker's best friend

    Whose Meeting Am I In?
    Many calls these days lack a purpose. Or a leader.
  • A Tradition Of Excellence
    After more than three decades in the marketplace, IBM can say with confidence that it has managed to evolve with its user base.
  • Can Oracle Be Trusted?
    PeopleSoft is but a single iron in the fire for Oracle, which has been a beehive of activity in all facets of business since early this year. And the big question for partners is whether Oracle can truly be trusted as a business ally.
  • Unisys To Cut 1,400 Workers
    Unisys plans to cut nearly 4 percent of its workforce and consolidate facility space in moves that will help yield annualized savings of about $70 million a year by 2005.
  • Vendors vie for solution providers' loyalty

    Lending Support
    Many of those hardware and software companies topping this year's Annual Report Card are longtime veterans of the indirect channel that have honed their skills and expertise through years of successes and failures.