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  • Congress Extends Key Small Business Tax Break
    A House-Senate conference committee has cleared a tax package that extends a key tax break that benefits small businesses. Following passage by the full House and Senate, the new tax package could be on President Bush's desk as early as next week.
  • Closing The Gap On Partner Profitability
    In this edition of VARBusiness, we showcase which solution providers are increasing their profits and how. We analyze how they are keeping their costs down and upping their utilization rates.
  • Vendors Wrestle With Channel Issues
    What are some of the leading vendors in ITare planning and doing as they prepare for 2005? In conjunction with VARBusiness partner The Institute for Partner Development and Education (IPED), we recently hosted a roundtable discussion in Chicago for the leaders of channel and partner programs at BMC, Cisco, Citrix, Computer Associates, EMC, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Oracle and others to find out.
  • A Peek Into Profitability

    The VARBusiness Profitability Scorecard
    VARBusiness is proud to present its first Profitability Scorecard. The comprehensive package offers our readers a snapshot of the quarterly activities (in this case, the second quarter) of publicly held service providers. We feature only companies that distinguish service revenues, either as a pure-play or a breakout, to present a look at who's hot and who's not in the current market.
  • Technology leaps to the top of the corporate networking agenda; 61% of firms plan to deploy it.

    Survey: VoIP To Become The New Standard For Voice Traffic
    According to a new report released by AT&T in association with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), voice over IP (VoIP) technology has leapt to the top of the corporate networking agenda after a decade of proving itself.
  • CA's ex-CEO Kumar Indicted
    Former Computer Associates CEO Sanjay Kumar has been indicted on federal charges of securities fraud conspiracy and obstruction of justice for his alleged participation in a long-running accounting fraud scheme at the Islandia, N.Y.-based software giant.
  • IBM Launches Business Optimization Center
    IBM Wednesday unveiled a center for business optimization as part of its bid to dominate what it estimates is a $500 billion market opportunity for business-performance services.
  • The Effect: Valuing Your Services Business
    With each passing week, it seems that another merger or acquisition makes headlines in the channel. Look at the VARBusiness 500 list alone, and you can see some incredible deals among some of the largest and most prominent channel players.
  • GE Access Renamed Access Distribution
    A major rebranding effort within General Electric has resulted in the renaming of its distribution business from GE Access to Access Distribution, thus dropping the GE prefix.
  • PeopleSoft Inks Bold Alliance With IBM
    PeopleSoft may have find its Knight in Shining Armor with Big Blue. At the PeopleSoft Connect conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, the beleaguered enterprise applications giant ratcheted up its existing relationship with platform partner IBM at a time when the reluctant object of Oracle's takeover bid is most vulnerable.
  • Sun Kicks Off New Wares On Wall Street
    Looking to extol the virtues of its forthcoming Solaris 10 operating system, Sun Tuesday, Sept. 21, laid the groundwork for its pay-for-use computing grid, new servers, storage and network products. The company launched an effort to convince customers, partners and analysts that it is on the cusp of a renaissance. And what fitting a way to do so than to address the industry that put the company on the map"Wall Street.
  • SBC Inks Major VoIP Deal With Ford Using Cisco Equipment
    Telecom integrator SBC Communications today signed a contract with auto giant Ford Motor to design, implement and manage an IP telephony system using Cisco Systems' equipment for Ford's headquarters and other facilities in Southeast Michigan. The deal might very well be a harbinger of increased VoIP activity in the enterprise space.
  • Red Hat's Earnings Show Enterprise Focus
    Red Hat's second quarter earnings report paints a picture of a company that -- much like the overall open-source sector -- has made significant progress but still has to prove its worth in the struggling enterprise software market, especially to its SMB channel partners.
  • TechWatch
    Take this month's offerings, toss them together and what do you get? A 64-bit server with attached storage and a really cool display.
  • How to operate your business at a consistent pace

    How To Balance Your Business Cycle
    Draw a horizontal line. Above the line are marketing- and sales-related activities. Below the line are technical- and implementation-related activities. Here's the problem: While you were below the line, you did nothing above the line, and vice versa. If this has happened to you, you could be experiencing the Sawtooth Effect.
  • Key trends, facts and interpretation you need to run your business

    SMBs Buck Outsourcing Trend, Research Finds
    While high-tech companies and end users are showing interest in outsourcing, not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.
  • New features expected to drive increased sales

    14 New Projectors Make Way To Market
    A plethora of new products has hit the digital projector market in recent months. But don't expect to get rich off hardware sales.