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  • Ingram Micro Lays Out Changes To Customer Model
    The choice is yours. That was the message from Brian Wiser, vice president of marketing at Ingram Micro, regarding the distributor's new Choice Advantage program during Monday's World Premiere event at XChange '04. Arguably the biggest change to Ingram Micro's customer model in the company's history, Choice Advantage presents three customer levels to solution providers with varying degrees of pricing benefits and support services, depending on the option a reseller chooses.
  • Trust Is Key As Vendors Tap Into the Midmarket
    Amid audience concerns that vendors could take back midmarket business from them, Robert C. DeMarzo, editorial director of VARBusiness, on Tuesday led a panel of top technology vendors who reassured solution providers that they needed the channel to penetrate the segment, would not take business away from them and, in fact, were seeking paths to increase VAR profitability.
  • Intel Points Its Partners Toward SMBs
    Intel projects solid growth ahead for both servers and desktop systems in the SMB segment, offering resellers a major opportunity to replace an aging installed base and satisfy emerging demand for new applications. That was the semiconductor giant's message at its presentation Tuesday at VARBusiness' XChange conference in Chicago.
  • Murai: Ingram Exec Departures Won't Affect VARs
    With four executives gone in the past four months, Ingram Micro has many channel observers wondering if something is afoot at the company. Kevin Murai, co-president of the Santa Ana, Calif.-based distributor, says no.
  • The Evolution of the Channel, 1994-2004
    What a difference 10 years makes. At this week's XChange event in Chicago, Monty Cornell, group research director of CMP Channel Group research, showed just how far the channel has evolved and morphed since 1994.
  • Business Strategies
    Editor's Note: Show Daily guest columnist David Stelzl was one of four industry experts participating in yesterday's Solution Provider Business Strategy session, "Reality Business: A VARBusiness Makeover," hosted by T.C. Doyle, VARBusiness senior executive editor.
  • A Sound Structure
    Editor's Note: Show Daily guest columnist Jim Dixon was one of four industry experts participating in Sunday's Solution Provider Business Strategy session, "Reality Business: A VARBusiness Makeover," hosted by T.C. Doyle, VARBusiness senior executive editor.
  • Loyalty, Dogs And Money
    The more things change, the more they stay the same. I've been covering the solution provider market almost since its inception, and I've seen the same mistakes repeated so many times it's comical, sad or frustrating, depending on where you sit.
  • Panel To Convene On Open Source's Future
    With more IT users switching on additional Linux servers every day -- and evaluating the use of Linux on the desktop as well -- VARs must start planning for a future in which the open-source operating system is a fixture.
  • IBM Announces Partner-Program Enhancements
    At its Vendor World Premiere event Monday at the XChange event in Chicago, IBM unveiled enhancements to its reseller programs aimed at ensuring that VARs can lock in sales opportunities they've worked hard to land.
  • Salvos Aimed At IBM, Sun, Dell And EMC

    HP Execs Fire Back At Competitors At HP World
    Hewlett-Packard executives Monday fired back at competitors trying to wrestle customers away after the company's recent server and storage missteps, saying the problems are fixed and the company is set to take share from IBM, Sun, Dell and EMC.
  • Distributor also launches content delivery system

    Ingram's Choice Advantage Program Ready To Roll
    Ingram's 20,000 solution providers will soon be asked to choose one of three levels for pricing and support as part of its Choice Advantage program.