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  • Mind the Windows Gap
    Microsoft recently scaled back the next-generation operating system, dropping plans to include within Longhorn its new WinFS file system. That was done so that Microsoft will be able to ship Longhorn in 2006. But WinFS was the original raison d'etre for Longhorn. By jettisoning WinFS, Microsoft seems to have let a lot of the air out of the anticipation surrounding Longhorn.
  • Expectations decline, but still ahead of previous year

    Solution Providers Rein In IT Spending Optimism
    The wave of solution provider optimism for near-term IT spending significantly ebbed in August but still remained better than year-earlier expectations for small, midsize and large enterprises, according to the latest CRN Monthly Solution Provider Survey.
  • HP Now Offers Leasing Rebates
    Hewlett-Packard is creating a program to steer solution providers toward HP Financial Services for leasing opportunities.
  • Strong Medicine For A Sickly Channel
    Mark Dancer is vice president and principal of Pembroke Consulting, which works with manufacturers, distributors and technology companies on their channel and business strategies.
  • Tech Refresh Time For Small Business
    Small businesses are committed to increasing spending on wireless, supply chain management and CRM, among other technologies, according to CRN research.
  • Case In Point: Bryan Cafaro
    T.J. Tarateta found Bryan Cafaro through a mutual friend. That’s how most small-business IT implementation stories start.
  • Product Pick: DataPilot
    While untethered voice communications has its benefits, many cell phone users are faced with the arduous task of maintaining call directories, which in many cases are stored in an e-mail application or contact tracking database, forcing users to manually duplicate those entries on their cell phones.
  • Up Close and Personal
    Tip O’Neill, the late, great Speaker of the House, famously said, “All politics is local.” The analog for small companies is that all IT implementation is personal.
  • Midtier Hotels In The Mix
    Solution providers looking to offer wireless broadband services to midtier hotels are finding that a bit of foresight and a growing number of partnerships are bolstering their opportunities.
  • Nortel Focuses Channel On The Enterprise Opportunity
    Nortel Networks President and CEO Bill Owens recently sat down with a group of journalists, including CRN Infrastructure Editor Jennifer Hagendorf Follett, to discuss the company's future in the wake of layoffs and a sweeping reorganization.
  • Small Fry Open Systems Earns Big Channel Points
    Orpen Systems doesn't have the name recognition Best Software or Microsoft enjoys. Its three lines of accounting packages for small to midsize businesses do not vie for the topmost rung of the market ladder. But the 30-year-old accounting software vendor, based in Shakopee, Minn., just might hold the lead when it comes to taking care of its 2,500 North American channel partners.
  • Small Doesn't Have To Mean Low-Tech
    Small business is a hot, hot category in technology circles these days. Almost every week, there is a new piece of research that implies that the opportunity for growth in technology spending will come from small business.
  • Keeping Spam Out And Losses Down
    It’s no surprise that spam has become one of the largest problems for today’s small businesses. Those businesses are faced with several obstacles when it comes to combating spam. Lack of technical expertise ranks as one of the largest, while reliance on third-party hosted e-mail solutions adds to the dilemma.
  • September 20, 2004 Contents
    Small Expectations. Hoping for great results in small business, software giants IBM and Microsoft are tailoring software and creating special programs to win over solution providers such as Bryan Cafaro of Tri-Bry Business Technology Solutions.