Arrow Prepares New Service To Support Product End Of Life

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While some of the gear may end up in developing countries, Arrow intends to follow regulatory restrictions to ensure that the equipment does not end up in a foreign landfill causing environmental issues. Much of it is expected be used in other networks, serving clients who are looking to access that particular piece of gear at a lower price point.

Security and privacy continue to be primary issues at this part of the lifecycle, and the Arrow program is being designed to ensure that those needs are properly met.

"A lot of these devices still have disk drives and flash drives on board that are carrying customer data," said Arrow's Bryant. "And they're very interested in working with partners who can preserve confidentiality and make sure that all of that data is properly purged before the unit is disposed of. This security aspect combined with the economic aspect and the green aspect to provide a huge service to Fortune 5000 companies that can leverage the service to track the processing of displaced gear by serial number."

Bryant also added that the retired devices go well beyond laptops and PCs. Arrow has already had some customer wins in this space that involve servers, storage and networking gear. Each of those product categories carries more of a high-end disposal value, he noted.

The formal program, which is currently under development, is expected to be rolled out to Arrow channel partners by the end of the first quarter, according to Arrow's Keith.

"It is going to be packaged in a simple and robust way that clearly presents the value to their customers," he said. "It is an opportunity to take the conversation to a higher level and help the customers travel the learning curve. This is really synergistic for our partners."


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