CRN Channel News

  • E-Voting: Here We Go Again
    E-voting and computerized election systems have come under fire, it seems, ever since they were offered as an alternative to the outdated punch cards and lever machines that caused the 2000 presidential election debacle in Florida.
  • Chip Maker Offers Network Computer Design To System Builders
    Chip maker PMC-Sierra says the time is right for network computing and has launched a Linux-based reference design that system builders and OEMs can use to develop thin clients. Solution providers warn that network computing can be a hard sell in the enterprise.
  • Update: PeopleSoft Willing To Talk With Oracle
    The PeopleSoft director who has been leading the defense of the software company's antitakeover measures said Tuesday the company's board is willing to talk about a deal with rival Oracle.
  • HP Targets ISVs To Grow SMB Partner Business
    While HP rolled out a blitz of products and channel programs targeted at SMB customers, the company acknowledged it has much work ahead of it to build on its year-old Smart Office initiative.
  • HP Seeks To Smarten Its SMB Strategy
    Hewlett-Packard Tuesday unleashed broad initiatives to beef up its assault on the SMB market, but solution providers say mixed messages and channel conflict plague the vendor's efforts.
  • CXO Co-founder Sees Need To Automate Outsourcing
    As more and more solution providers move to add outsourcing and related managed services offerings to their business models, effectively managing those services is becoming an increasingly more difficult challenge.
  • Sun Explores Negative Margins to Win Business
    Sun Microsystems is exploring a margin-negative model for hardware in order to win more business and solution providers should be preparing for that scenario, said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun president and COO.
  • Microsoft's Ballmer Rules Out PeopleSoft Bid
    Microsoft's chief executive said the software giant will not bid for troubled PeopleSoft , which Oracle is widely expected to acquire, the Financial Times newspaper reports.
  • GreenPages Names New CEO
    GreenPages Monday named Ron Dupler, the former CEO of rival Amherst Technologies, as its new president and CEO.
  • New ThinkPad Includes Fingerprint Reader
    Becoming the first company to wed notebook computing with biometric security, IBM has unveiled a ThinkPad T42 with an integrated fingerprint reader. Starting at $1,699 and shipping later this month, the laptop also features a password manager program that enables users to keep track of their secure accounts more easily.
  • Tribute To A Leader
    For GreenPages, a 12-year-old solution provider that sits on a picturesque ocean inlet in Kittery, Maine, this week marks the dawn of a new era.
  • Staying Cool With BTX
    BTX is cool, or at least cooler, and distributors should begin stocking motherboards and cases for the new form factor beginning in the fourth quarter, according to the CRN Test Center.
  • Betting On eBay
    ustin Nolte says the big bet he made selling custom systems on eBay has paid off beyond his wildest dreams.