Bluewolf Thinks Outside The Box To Hire New Talent Fresh From Campaign Trail

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Employees working for solution providers today need to be agile, able to quickly adapt to changing situations and work under high-pressure conditions. So where better than in a national political campaign organization could a solution provider turn to recruit new talent?

That's where New York-based Bluewolf, a fast-growing solution provider and leading partner, found some of the talent it needed to staff up a new Chicago office. Bluewolf recruited several key personnel, including senior consultant Edward Schlicksup and consultant Allison Bellville, from the Barack Obama re-election campaign organization following the election.

Bluewolf's gain illustrates how solution providers, often hungry for talented workers, can find new employees in unexpected places.


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The Obama campaign, headquartered in Chicago, utilized's cloud services to help manage its operations. Schlicksup and Bellville played key roles in the campaign, gaining expertise not just with technology, but also with the kind of work environment that mirrors how many solution providers find themselves operating today.

"We were in this very agile environment in the campaign," Schlicksup said in an interview with CRN, noting it took on the culture and processes of a business startup. The campaign had to be agile and quickly adapt to changing conditions, unexpected events and breaking news. "It was a bit of a pressure cooker."

"The campaign was extremely innovative. If you had an idea, you just ran with it," Bellville said in an interview with CRN.

"We're obviously looking for the best talent in the marketplace," said Corinne Sklar, Bluewolf's chief marketing officer, speaking about the solution provider's hiring efforts -- especially in cloud and mobile computing and social media.

But Sklar noted that talent goes beyond technical expertise, and that Schlicksup and Bellville helped build what was essentially a Fortune 500 company in seven months.

"It's really about the mindset," she told CRN. "People who are willing to think bigger. The need to execute on new ideas and respond to market changes. I think that's something that all businesses can learn from the Obama campaign. At the end of the day, it's people who enable technology."

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