Tap Into The Power Of Online Video Marketing

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As I discussed in my last column, there are no magic secrets to driving brand awareness in your local market. Your objective should be to execute brand awareness as part of your selling cycle and ultimately to measure the effectiveness of how it drives sales growth. Analytical measurement and reporting of video traffic and viewer response needs to be integrated into the overall success metrics of your marketing initiatives. Without them, I could not have demonstrated that marketing efforts for my VAR resulted in year-over-year growth 10 times that of the market rate.

Keep in mind that these demand-generation initiatives are a team effort. They work due to the power of three: the VAR, the vendor alliance partner and the distributor. Success happens when marketing teams leverage all of these relationships and their resources and the solution provider executes on its growth strategies and measures results. With this in mind, measure how many hits you get for a video and expand its reach with social media: Post it to YouTube and then post to other social media outlets like LinkedIn and Facebook. Then loop in your vendor and distributor partners that are involved with these video outreach efforts.

Finally, marketers can enhance video strategies by adding their clips to co-logoed microsites. Such sites created with strategic vendor partners can tell an exclusive story of how a partnership can offer customers and prospects a very effective solution. We'll explore these microsites in greater detail next month. They're one of the many ways your video marketing efforts can be leveraged to assist in the success of your other marketing vehicles.

John Convery is president and CEO of John Convery Consulting, a Seattle-based firm that enables technology manufacturers and their service provider partners to join forces for strategic planning, leveraging all partner programs to assure maximum profitability, enhanced marketing and sales performance. In addition, he is a member of the HP enterprise server, storage and networking advisory council, and serves on the UBM/CRN XChange and Best of Breed (BoB) advisory boards. He previously was executive vice president of vendor relations and marketing for Denali Advanced Integration.


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