SAP Steps Up Partner Recruitment Efforts For HANA

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Company execs have spent much of the week extolling HANA's potential advantages to partners.

"We see a set of opportunities opening up in building new applications, in new kinds of technologies for cloud data movement. So there are tremendous opportunities for channel partners in the entire ecosystem," SAP's Sikka said.

"We have lots of Business One partners who have Business One running on HANA," said Kevin Gilroy, SAP's head of global indirect channels, in an interview. Business One is SAP's channel-popular application set for small and mid-size businesses. "And [there are] partners who have applications in general running on HANA. So there's an application play."

"It's opening the door to new markets where speed is needed," Gilroy continued, referring to vertical industries such as healthcare that "may be very data-intensive and very speed-intensive. It's another door into net-new business."

Solution providers at SapphireNow are buying into the strategy. "The thing I like is that we now have a platform, a true platform," said Sylvana Coche, CEO of Gravity Pro, a San Clemente, Calif.-based partner. Gravity Pro works with SAP's ERP applications and business intelligence software and is certified to work with HANA. Coche said the in-memory database technology will help her help customers with their big data challenges. "They have the data everywhere. But they don't know what to do with it," she said.

Lars Landwehrkamp, CEO of All For One Steeb, an SAP partner in Filderstadt, Germany, has only had a few HANA customers so far. But in an interview he said he expects that most or all of his new customers will adopt HANA as they implement SAP systems. And, Landwehrkamp said SAP pays him a margin for selling the HANA database, something he said he doesn't earn when he sells Oracle database software.

Alert Enterprise, a Fremont, Calif.-based ISV, develops its corporate and critical infrastructure security applications on HANA, said Pan Kamal, the company's marketing vice president, in a partner roundtable at Sapphire Now. He said HANA was able to speed up the processing of huge volumes of threat detection data -- 900 times faster than the application could using other database technology. The ISV is offering a trial version of its product through the SAP Store.

SAP also said it has increased its commitment to help fund startups developing software for HANA. Last year the company announced the SAP HANA Real Time Fund with $155 million. This week the company said it is more than doubling that to $405 million.


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