Oklahoma Solution Provider: 'We'll Get Back Up'

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The tornado watch extended all the way to Joplin, Mo., Monday where John Motazedi, president of SNC Squared, spent part of the evening in the basement with his family after a tornado warning was issued for that town.

"We had warnings and watches for a good portion of the evening. We had dinner in the basement. My 7-year-old was wearing a bicycle helmet eating pizza," Motazedi said.

Motazedi's company saw its headquarters destroyed after a tornado struck Joplin in May 2011.

"This [Oklahoma tornado] really brings some bad memories and kind of an uneasy gut feeling," Motazedi told CRN Tuesday. "We saw the Oklahoma ones. Those were coming straight toward us. We had heard around 3:00 or 4:00 that Oklahoma, especially Moore, got hit pretty hard. Oh, great. It was headed straight up I-44 toward us."

Luckily, Joplin was spared this time. That not being the case for Moore, Motazedi offered advice to VARs and businesses that might be assisting in a cleanup today.

"Safety is the big key. Make sure you're safe. Get some tetanus shots, especially if you're digging through debris. That was recommended to us," Motazedi said. "Document and photograph all workstations and machines. Take pictures as you uncover any machines. Turn on the GPS on your iPhone when you take picture so you know where you were when you took the picture. Just be careful. And ask for help as quickly as you need it. We asked for help pretty quickly when we realized that this was well beyond our scope."


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