Cisco To Acquire Composite Software, Move Toward More Connected Future

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Jay Kirby, vice president of Lumenate, a Dallas, Texas-based solution provider, said Cisco's step into software and virtualization will benefit channel partners as long as acquisitions stay strategic. "They key is to make good investments, not a lot of investments. It could get really confusing if we get too many technologies out there," Kirby said.

"By acquiring companies with expertise around big data, that helps Cisco be much more relevant in that space," PCM's Mogavero said. "I think this acquisition is a great thing for Cisco and for partners."

At Partner Summit, Cisco touted the "Today. Tomorrow. Together" theme. Cisco Executives made it clear at the conference that major growth could be expected of the company, but the intent was not to leave partners in the dust. Rather, Cisco claimed it wants to make the transition to cloud and beyond as an ecosystem, with partners being a large part of that ecosystem.

At Partner Summit, Cisco CEO Chambers summed up his vision of Cisco's future by alluding to changes partners could expect to begin seeing as the company moves toward a more connected ecosystem.

"Change makes most people really uncomfortable," he said, "and yet we are talking about a partner ecosystem that we have to navigate through very carefully, knowing that each move we make in services, or each move we make in Internet of Everything, we have to say, 'How do we do it together?' and trust each other that we are going to work through this transition."

Cisco's acquisition of Composite Software could, therefore, be seen as one aspect of change to which Chambers was referring at the conference.


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