10 Bad Vendor Habits That Really Irk Solution Providers

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What is it about your IT vendor that really ticks you off?

We put that question to a number of solution providers, asking them what pet peeves they have about the companies they've partnered with to provide the building blocks of their technology solutions. Based on the responses it's clear that, well, there are a lot of peeves.

Vendor executives who undervalue the channel, high channel program fees, fast-rotating channel account managers -- we heard all the gripes. It was surprising how quickly the invectives poured out once the question was asked -- there weren't many "Let me think about that a moment" responses.

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Two solution providers, in fact, were able to rattle off Top 10 lists off the top of their head. When asked how he was able to come up with such a lengthy list so quickly, one solution provider replied: "I live this."

In some cases bad habits on the part of their vendor partners are just part of the cost of doing business for many solution providers. But other times, the complaints pile up so high that a solution provider will give up on a vendor and go find a better partner.

"These guys are supposed to help us so we can help them," said David Geevaratne, president and co-founder of New Signature, a Microsoft solution provider in Washington, D.C., speaking about vendors he worked with in the past at other solution providers. "I just didn't feel the love. And that hurt my relationships with my customers."

Here's our look at some of the most common complaints plaguing solution providers right now.

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