IT Spend To Grow 2 Percent In 2013: Report

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The devices market of PCs, tablets and smartphones is also expected to catch up to enterprise software in terms of growth by 2014, with the two almost in line at 6.5 and 6.6 percent, respectively.

In a recent report, Gartner predicted mobile device shipments would soon catch up with those of desktop PCs and laptops. In Tuesday's report, the tech research firm estimated that device spending will reach $740 billion in 2014 -- 50 billion more than this year -- and continue to be the third highest source of tech spending, behind telecom and IT services.

"The most interesting thing right now is what's going on in the devices market," Gartner's Gordon said. "The traditional PC market is in quite rapid decline because, consumers particularly, are shifting their buying preference toward these more mobile devices."

Falcon of Cumulus Global said several numbers from Gartner's report indicate that people may be moving away from traditional PCs. "Clearly the increase in telecom services is confirmation of the expanded use of mobility solutions," Falcon said, citing Internet and remote connectivity as industry examples. "That's in-line with what we've seen of companies shedding infrastructure for cloud computing and hosted services."

However, since the device area is still shifting, it remains vulnerable to change and hard to predict, Gordon said. "Last year, for example, the smartphone market was very strong, but this year we're seeing that go down a little bit," Gordon said. "We're seeing changes in mobile operating systems that allow people to use their device longer, which pushes out the replacement cycle."

Within ArcSource's local market, Monk said he has noticed a rise in tech spending. "As an IT person, I'm glad for any growth," Monk said. "My intuition is that the number is considerably larger than two percent, at least among my customers."


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