IT Nation 2013: Is Your Biology Hurting Your Business?

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In order to combat a rapidly changing "dangerous" technology world, the key for solution providers is to build from the inside out, best-selling author Simon Sinek told attendees of ConnectWise's 2013 IT Nation Partner Summit in Orlando, Fla., in his keynote address.

In order to find long-term success in business, Sinek, author of "Start With Why" and soon-to-be-released "Leaders Eat Last," said that businesses need to create environments of trust, collaboration and communication within the organizations.

"If you set the environment right, something remarkable happens," Sinek said in his speech. "A new technology might render your business obsolete overnight. There's nothing you can do about it ...The only variable is the environment inside your organization," he continued.


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It all comes down to biology, he said. The chemicals in the body will react to the relationships formed within the business, and the key is making sure chemicals that elicit feelings of happiness are promoted over ones that promote feelings of stress.

"Business is not rational. It's not about the terms you agreed to; it's about the human bond," Sinek said. "We're looking for human bonds of trust always and they are biological -- they are about the contract."

Creating a "circumference of safety" makes employees feel like they are valued and will improve productivity and decrease turnover, Sinek said. It also will help improve the customer experience, he said. Oftentimes, businesses focus on the customer first, he said, which means the employee is at least second -- or lower -- on the priority list. By placing employees first and focusing on creating a positive culture from within, businesses will actually see improved customer service across the board, he said.

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