HP Steps Up 'Just Right IT' SMB Offensive

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HP's Flex-Bundles are aimed at providing partners a "holistic" approach to the SMB market with the option of either providing services themselves and then adding services from HP to "improve their profitability and expand their market opportunity," or relying solely on HP services, said John Flowers, worldwide channel marketing manager for HP Technology Services.

"Partners can be selective where they invest [in services] and then augment them with industry-leading services from HP," he said.

HP has also made improvements to simplify its services offerings, taking its Foundation Care offerings from 15 packages to just three to five offerings depending on the product, said Flowers. "It's going to be much easier for customers to understand what services to buy," he said. "Before customers were confused. We had too many service levels and too many choices."

Not to be overlooked, said Flowers, are HP's robust cloud offerings including its Cloud Builder and Cloud Agile offerings, which are aimed at providing SMB customers with on- and off-premise cloud options.

The Just Right IT offering is a "breakthrough" in making it simple and easy for SMB customers to understand and buy a complete business solution, said Kris Rogers, senior vice president, partner and product management for PCM, a $1.5 billion national solution provider that is teaming with HP on Just Right IT.

"HP has created a flexible set of solutions that map to what small businesses need," said Rogers. "With Just Right IT, HP and its partners are talking to SMBs about business needs and outcomes. Sometimes in the channel we get so caught up in the technology and what the technology does that we miss that we are supposed to be talking about what the customer needs done. These bundles focus on the business challenges SMBs are facing right now, especially in light of the mobility explosion and the pressure it is putting on small businesses that don't have big IT infrastructures to figure it all out."

HP has essentially provided a framework for its channel partners to bring to market a competitively priced, easy solution that maps directly to what SMB customers need to be in order to be successful in the cloud computing era, said Rogers. "I'm a big fan of Just Right IT," she said. "This isn't about products. This is about solving a problem. These are solutions that go to the heart of what the market is telling us are the biggest problems and opportunities that SMB businesses are facing today. It's very cool."


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