Oracle Hardware Channel Chief Breen Exits Amid Sales 'Civil War'

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Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Cloud Creek Systems' Dyke said Oracle's different product- and service-aligned direct sales teams often fight with each other, competing for customers' budget while trying to keep channel partners out of their accounts.

For example, the sales reps who sell M- and T-series servers are distinct from those who sell Oracle's ZFS/Z3 NAS storage devices who are different from those who sell tape storage. "Three basic infrastructure offerings, sold by three different sales people -- really?" he said.

And on the technology side, the core technology sales reps are different from the business intelligence reps who are different from the security sales reps who are different from the middleware (SOA) reps, making it possible that an additional four Oracle sales reps could call on the same customer visited by three different Oracle hardware reps, Dyke said.

"You can have five, six, seven Oracle sales reps calling on your customer," he said. "And it's disquieting for partners standing behind so many Oracle sales people trying to squeeze through the customer’s door. A company like Cloud Creek can say to customers, 'We have the Red Stack competency needed to look at your IT challenges holistically, with a strategic, integrated perspective.' My sales people tell me they visit many customers who would much rather deal with one supplier or partner than four or five Oracle reps."

Furthermore, Dyke said, individual Oracle sales reps fight for as much of the customer's IT budget as they can for what they’re selling. "For the rep selling a hammer, every problem is a nail," he said. “For the rep selling a screwdriver, every problem is a screw. You have Oracle people fighting for mind share in the same account. Few of them are interested in having a third-party channel partner in the fray!”

Another Oracle solution provider who requested anonymity said that Breen came to Oracle with very ambitious ideas about helping the vendor become partner friendly, but was unable to do so.

"Mitch initiated a program to engage with partners in opportunities with net-new customers," that solution provider said. "But Oracle people came forward with [bad] accounts that had no channel opportunities."

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