Oracle Hardware Channel Chief Breen Exits Amid Sales 'Civil War'

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Oracle brought partners leads to potential customers with a lot of software opportunities but no hardware, the solution provider said. "Mitch's job was to get software customers to buy hardware," the VAR said. "But the software people at Oracle don't want to work with hardware people at Oracle. Oracle software people always take control."

Oracle partners were excited that someone with Breen's channel pedigree joined Oracle's channel team, and they expected him to make a real difference, the solution provider said.

"His leaving tells us either his personal interest is better served elsewhere, or else Oracle just got hopeless," the VAR said. "Institutionally, not matter how good he was, it wasn't going to work. It's disappointing from the channel perspective."

Seth Feeley, vice president of sales at Cintra, a New York-based solution provider and longtime Oracle partner, said his company was impressed with Breen's efforts to accelerate the channel for Oracle.

"The initiatives he put in place will result in a more effective teamwork between Oracle's direct sales and channel partners," Feeley said. "We're sorry to see that Mitch left Oracle. We've seen some progress in those efforts, and we hope to see the momentum continue."


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