HP, Juniper Put Partner Empowerment In Spotlight At XChange

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 Juniper, for its session, put the the focus on how its channel program was built from the customer back out through to partners. That customer-to-partner dynamic is paying off in off in bigger and more profitable deals for Juniper partners, said Juniper Vice President of Americas Partners Jonathan Belcher.

"We're trying to move away from typical vendor-based programs pushed upon partners to drive certain metrics," said Belcher.

At the heart of every successful Juniper customer story is a partner with robust technical and services capabilities and a "willingness to work with us to figure out how to solve customer problems," said Belcher.

Among the Juniper programs rolled out this year to drive those successful partnerships is a program that allows partners to take advantage of Juniper professional services training and tools, said Belcher. Juniper, he stressed, believes in partners leading with their own branded services.

"We are allowing partners to come in and take advantage of our labs, take advantage of our tools, do training with our products," he said. "We know that if partners  sell their brand of professional services around Juniper we both win. What we are doing around professional services is enabling more and more of  partner's capabilities."

Juniper also has a single iron-clad deal registration program that assures that any deal a partner brings to Juniper is protected, said Belcher. "You register the opportunity and bring it to us, you are the only one that gets a competitive discount," he said. "We work with you - period. End of story. We stick with you. We win or lose together."

Finally, Juniper has put together a new financing initiative that allows partners to utilize Juniper financing on an entire deal with the only provision that Juniper be 20 percent of the deal, said Belcher.

Juniper's leadership position as the gold networking standard for service providers, the most demanding customers, has made Juniper a strong partner for Signature Technology Group, a 24-year technology professional services firm in Phoenix, Ariz., said Signature Vice President of Sales and Marketing Aaron Zeper. "Juniper is technically differentiated and is solving complex scalable problems," said Zeper. "Our Juniper project delivery is up triple digits. Juniper built its products to solve service providers who have giant scale and lots of complexities. We find their solutions solves problems other networking companies can't or can't as easily or as cost effectively."


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