Solution Provider Bedroc Leverages Exciting Marketing Tactics To Gain Ground With Potential Clients

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In addition, as the solution provider is based in Nashville, country music is very popular, said Plambeck. It has inspired Bedroc to bring different partners and potential clients to the CMA Awards concert events.

 "We're very country-music-centered here in Nashville, so we have clients and different partners old and new come in over the four-day period," said Plambeck. "We are right off the stage, and they really love it. Even if we don't get to talk much, it's fine cause it’s not a full-on-bore marketing event. They appreciate it, and we get our name out there."

From a business perspective, doing more exciting, unexpected marketing events helps to spark conversations and keep them going with new contacts, said Plambeck.

"It’s only been a quarter-and-half since our go-karting events, and now we're having conversations with people that we haven't had conversations before," said Plambeck. "They are coming back to talk to us especially about application monitoring, and we're seeing a lot of movement there."

For the future, Bedroc's marketing strategy will continue to reinforce fun-type events to gain new partnerships and deals, said Plambeck.

"We are getting our name out there, and new clients are coming back to talk to us," said Plambeck. "Also, Nashville is getting a new triple A baseball field and trying to get some sponsorships with our name out there."


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