Tech Data Makes New Recurring Revenue Push For Cisco Partners

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Tech Data is making a new push around recurring services revenue for Cisco Systems partners.

The distributor Tuesday introduced the SMARTattach Opportunity Portal, a new online offering exclusive to Tech Data-authorized resellers that's designed to help them managed Cisco services contracts and revenue streams. As a part of an overall larger strategy to emphasize Cisco services and to simplify processes, the Opportunity Portal will allow Cisco-focused solution providers to amplify recurring revenue and service contract renewal opportunities, according to Tech Data.

"We enhanced around SMARTattach and made this new Opportunity Portal [because] we have to get partners away from adding headcount into administrative tasks; they need to be selling," said Angie Beltz, vice president of product marketing, Cisco Solutions Group at Tech Data. "We want to continually help refine and retune from an operations perspective, as well as what they are selling and markets they are selling into."

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Originally an online tool, SMARTattach was developed by the Clearwater, Fla.-based distributor in 2009 to help solution providers add Cisco SMARTnet services to Cisco hardware purchases. Today, the Opportunity Portal will ease challenges for Cisco resellers when dealing with hardware, renewal functionalities, and to reinforce services, said Beltz.

"There hasn't been a great operational management system to take action on those renewals, and it's been challenging for years," said Beltz. "What we've added is that they can manage in an executable side for reporting and improving what their team doesn't attach, which is [called] second chance attach. Now they can also look at what hardware was sold where services were not sold with it, and they can call to action to go back and sell the services to that customer."

For Tech Data, the goal is to reinforce the importance of services for partners, said Beltz. "Services always feel like the second thought, and what we're finding is that it can be easier for partners -- and have services first, hardware second," said Beltz. With the Opportunity Portal, partners now will be able to auto renew and have quotes automatically sent to them, said Beltz. "The Opportunity Portal is a way for them to not only manage from a future perspective," she said. "They can start having salespeople work with those end users on getting those renewals completed."

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